water recycling

Going Grey
Greywater or sullage is the name we give wastewater generated in industrial and commercial situations. As greywater contains fewer pathogens than domestic wastewater, it is generally safer to handle and easier to treat and reuse onsite for toilet flushing, landscape or crop irrigation, and other non-potable uses.

How it works
The purpose of the eWasha system is to recycle greywater for reuse onsite. Our chemical-free, biological treatment system consists of a series of bioreactors made from locally sourced plastic tanks and pumps. It is compact, inconspicuous and can be sited on any level surface with minimum disruption to the wash bay. Its modular design means certain elements can easily be upgraded or re-sited, should the need arise.

Solution 1

eWasha installs Washbay recycling systems in new or existing washbay sites.

Our systems run on 10% or less of municipal water and we have helped keep the doors open on carwash companies throughout the country during the recent drought and cut backs of water usage.

Solution 2

eWasha offers customised grey water systems for large office blocks. We will analyse your environment and custom make the grey water system to save the use of municipal water in the work place.

  • 50 Litres of water is used a day per person flushing the toilet
  • 2 Litres of water is used a day per person washing their hands
  • Water from your office aircon goes to waste everyday

This all adds up and it is costing your company unnecessary expenses.

Solution 3

Delivery of grey water.

Top up of grey water for your pools, construction companies and eWasha systems that are installed in places that have not had rain.

Results you can measure.


Cost saving on municipal charges


Minimum recovery of washbay water


Dedication to providing water solutions