The Benefits of Water Conservation

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Three Benefits when you consider our services when planning your New Year budgets and priorities.

With two weeks into the new year, life is slowly starting to make its way back to normal. Children are heading back to school, traffic is getting busier and businesses are starting to pick up after the December Holidays.

The start of a new year means new budgets and priorities. We at eWash Wash Bay Water recycling wanted to inform you of the benefits of partnering with us in your water recycling needs.

1. Money Saved

For businesses, keeping running costs low is important. With our recycling process, you use less municipal water, therefore, keeping your water bill at its lowest. According to our statistics; there is a potential saving of 99% on municipal charges coupled with an 80% water saving in wash bays. 

2. Water Restrictions can’t stop us  

During times of drought or water restrictions, businesses that rely on major water consumption are often faced with hard times, high fees or tough decisions. 

When using eWasha systems, you only use 10% or less of municipal water, therefore your business can remain relatively unaffected by any water restrictions put into place.

3. Environmentally friendly

Businesses who use our eWasha systems are more environmentally friendly, as they have a lower water usage footprint and help make a difference in protecting our water. 

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There you have it; three Benefits that will radically change the structure of your business. If you would like more information we would love to chat with you. Give us a call today on 031 572 2263 or sign-up on our contact page. Alternatively read this blog from to learn a little about a little more about our business.

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