Wash Bay Water
Recycling Systems

Design and installation of water and wastewater treatment systems.

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Reduce Your Water Footprint

eWasha Wash Bay Water Recycling designs and installs water and waste water treatment systems. We are particularly focused on the recycling of car, truck and bus wash bay water, as well as the harvesting and storage of rainwater.

Some of our Clients:

The Most User Friendly Water Recycling System

Our design philosophy is simple: Using naturally occurring bacteria to clean the water. We avoid specialised parts and aim to provide simple, rugged and effective system.

Customer Testimonials

“eWasha has been functioning well, with great service by Jonathan whenever he is called out. Having eWasha has meant an 84.49% average monthly saving on our wash bay municipal water bill and some 2572 kl of water (ie. 2.572 million litres) in the past 12 months.”

Safwaan Moosa
Owner of a Sasol Service Station

“eWasha’s services were first rolled out in 2005 at one site, and I’m honoured to say that they now services 9 sites. It is with great enthusiasm and confidence that I recommend their services. We are very satisfied and look forward to a long lasting business relationship with them.”

Azad Ismail
NMI Durban South Motors (Pty) Ltd