Water Recycling Solutions

Our design philosophy is simple: Using naturally occurring bacteria to clean the water. We avoid specialised parts and aim to provide simple, rugged and effective system.

Solution 1

Water recycling system for new or existing wash bay

Our systems run on 10% or less of municipal water and we have helped keep the doors open on carwash companies throughout the country during the recent drought and cut backs of water usage.

Our Winning Formula:

  • 100% natural biological process
  • No Chemicals or Filters
  • Long lasting & reliable Equipment
  • No discharge to a sewer
  • Minimum saving of 80% on water bill
  • Can combine with rainwater harvesting 

Solution 2

Greywater treatment for large office blocks

We will analyse your environment and custom make the grey water system to save the use of municipal water in the workplace.

Water usage in the workplace:

  • 50 Litres of water is used a day per person flushing the toilet
  • 2 Litres of water is used a day per person washing their hands.
  • Water from your office aircon goes to waste everyday.
  • This all adds up and it is costing your company unnecessary expenses.

Case Study

Shell Petrol Station Durban North

Christiana Scott talks about how eWasha has helped their business save water and sustain jobs for their staff.

Results with an eWasha
system installed


Cost saving on municipal charges


Recovery of wash bay water


Plants in Operation