We are all about Water Conservation

distance shot of a small town in a middle of a field. in the back is mountains and a road in in the front

The importance of Water Conservation. 

In January 2018, Cape Town Officials announced that unless something major were to take place, all taps around the province would be turned off in just over three months. This created a sense of panic both locally and nationally. People soon realised the urgency of saving water and creating effective water management tools. 

Thanks to a combination of rain, better use of data, and effective water conservation techniques, Day Zero was pushed back and later avoided altogether. According to the City of Cape Town website, Cape Town dams were sitting at 79.9% as of the 10 December 2019. 

That was quite an achievement, considering that just two years prior the country didn’t know whether Cape Town would have water in their dams. As devastating as the tragedy was, something good came out of it! People came to realise the value of water and water conservation and reuse. They were now looking at alternative ways to recycling water and minimise wastage.

Enter eWasha Wash bay Water Recycling. At eWasha, we design and install water and waste-water treatment systems; specifically tailored to wash bays and car-washes. 

Water is a precious resource and it cannot be wasted; therefore our systems are designed to save as much water as possible and re-use the water as needed. If you are interested in hearing more about our products, we would love to hear from you and provide you with the best water conservation tools to suit your needs.


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